Hot Fuzz, Homosocials, and The Bechdel Test

9 Oct

My fabbity housemates and I are watching the movie Hot Fuzz at the moment.  And I noticed that there are no women in the movie.  The only female characters are This Guy’s Wife, That Guy’s Girlfriend, The only female cop in town and a florist who exists to get killed.

Lillian goes on about homosocial films and their role in the media.  To be honest I don’t know much about it.  I understand that they’re comments on how men interact with other men.  That the way James Bond

(Sorry, I got distracted.  And yes, I do only believe in brunette Bond’s)

behaves around his ladies is going to be very different than how he behaves around his bros.  And yes, it’s important to look at his relationships with men as well as with Halle Berry’s butt.

However a homosocial movie for me says This is serious and important and therefore there is no room for a woman in it. To better explain this I introduce the Bechdel Test.  This fabulous lady can explain it so much better than I can so I’ll just let her.

There aren’t any women in Hot Fuzz.  And the ones that do exist are boring, even for the actresses who play them.  Hot Fuzz Man (I don’t really care what his name is because he’s blond and short and I was doing homework instead of paying attention to all the blood and guts anyway) gets to play someone really interesting.  I’m sure he gets to play a lot of really interesting people pretty often.

Writers all around the world write sexy multi-faceted men.  Meet:


Don Draper in Mad Men

These are actually really bad examples because Dexter and Mad Men both have really great women in them.  But I like these guys so…yum.

There are just more interesting characters written for men than for women.  I wish I could present lots of examples and studies but I regret to say I’m not that big of a dork.  I can tell you that the ratio of boy actors to girl actors in my drama school class is incredibly unbalanced though.  Why?  Because there are more roles for men.  Why?

Point #2 of the Bechdel test: Because men are the default and women exist by comparison.  But that’s a thought for another day.

So a point.  Something I should make right?

I’m not an actor.  But I hope to be in their union one day.  I side with them often…for legal purposes.  And I love them.  I see over and over again my female friends getting shafted into roles where they come on, complain, and get shooed off by a man who then complains and calls her something on the offensive scale.  Of course then he goes on to screw something up for everyone.

Oh, man.  Men.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em.

2 Responses to “Hot Fuzz, Homosocials, and The Bechdel Test”

  1. Webmonarch October 10, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    I love “fabbity”. Such a evocative word. Oh! And subtle point in the different calibre of roles written for women and men.


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