Sisterhood, A Verb

8 Oct

In my house sisterhood is a verb.  We can sisterhood.  We can have sisterhood.  We can do sisterhood.  Sometimes you just need a little sisterhood.

Having sisterhood can mean painting nails or making brownies but usually it’s just sitting on someone’s bed and talking about what made them want to scream that day.  My favorite kind of sisterhood is problem solving sisterhood.

A lot of my friends are guys but I couldn’t live without my fabulous ladies.  We have Lillian the director who could bend your ear with films and David Tennant for days.

Sorry.  I got distracted.  What was I saying?  Oh, right.

Anthea could teach Shakespeare a thing or two about himself.  Jessica is going to fix that whole violence thing one day.  Kendra is the most opinionated bad ass second wave feminist you’ll ever have the good fortune to know.  Heather isn’t in the house this semester but remains in our hearts.  She’s been replaced by Fabien who is french and awesome.  And of course in my heart is my roommate forever Corinna.

These are some of the smartest bad ass sisters I know.  We sisterhood in the morning.   We sisterhood at night.  When sisterhood is in you, you can have sisterhood anytime.

I suggest it.  All you need are the following things.  1) a friend who you would do anything for.  Who’s problems you want to listen to and help solve.  2) a friend who wants to listen to your problems, be a shoulder to cry on.  Who would bring you a whisk full of brownie batter when you’re having a meltdown in a bathtub.  Now smush them together into one body and confide in each other.

Juno and her Hamburger phone in Juno

This is the person(s) you want to tell your day to every night.  She makes you feel better, lighter.  She helps you figure out what to wear on your upcoming interview and tells you when the guy you’re in love with isn’t good enough for you.  Maybe one day some of her responsibilities will be filled by a spouse or partner.  But I don’t see any harm in practicing how to give love now.  It’s a good lesson and certainly doesn’t hurt anyone.

So many people put so much emphasis on romantic love.  The media makes it sound like it’s the only kind of love that counts but really that’s far from the truth.

Could romantic love and platonic love and parental love all be different facets of the same diamond–brilliant, no matter which face is turned up to the sun?
~Jodi Picoult (Vanishing Acts)

This is one of my favorite quotes.  All love is equal and practice in one makes you better in another.  Opening your heart to love in any kind of relationship is scary.  Whether that’s opening up to a new lover, or friend.  Trusting this person with your secret thoughts.  Promising to be there for another person, pledging to not let them down in their hour of need.  It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping with them.  That’s an added benefit.

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