Hands Touch, Eyes Meet

3 Oct

Hands touch.

Now we all know I like hands.  Tonight I saw a show.  It was an hour about love.  There was a moment where two characters moved through some very provocative positions.  There was a moment where a woman latched on to a mans leg and shouted “fuck me!” with the sweetest smile on her face.  There were beautiful passages about loving someone from afar.

And yet the hottest moment in the show involved two characters touching hands.  Their bodies were apart.  They weren’t even looking at each other.  He spent the whole time talking about the weather (ugh, men) and their hands touched like this

Instant Electricity.  I felt the heat of another persons hand on mine.  I felt the whole audience have that same reaction.

Hands are quite magical.  And I don’t only mean what they can do for you.  Yes they can type and lift and tell you when you accidentally put your hand on the frying pan.  But the sensitivity that makes them so useful also makes them so sensual.

I’ve never been much for holding hands in public.  I’d prefer to lock arms while walking.  but I do love to touch hands.  And it’s something that takes all your concentration.  Something I can do actively for hours.  Never venturing past the crease of the wrist, satisfied with the electric thrill of slowly discovering the difference between palm, finger tip, nails, knuckles, the back of the hand.

There are so many different parts to a hand.  And they all feel different and require different kinds of attention.  And no two people like to have their hands touched the exact same way.  Hands are like bodies in miniature.  People in miniature.  They’re sensitive and strong.  They have feelings and emotions.  And if you let them, they can be very expressive.

If you haven’t before give it a try.  Sit or lie with someone you love and let your hands roam each others.  Don’t cheapen the moment with other intimacies.  No kissing, no talking.  Close your eyes or watch your hands move.  Just enjoy letting your hands kiss.

For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss.

Thank you Shakespeare.

For another experiment try this at home:  Grab two sewing pins and a friend.  Have the friend close her eyes and lie the points of two pins against her skin about half an inch apart.  Don’t prick!  At that distance does she feel one or two separate pins?  If she feels two move them closer together.  If she feels one move them farther apart.  Try this on her stomach, fingers, lips.  You’ll see that the stomach has fewer nerve endings and so you can get the pins almost an inch apart and she’ll still feel only one.  On the lips she’ll be able to feel two separate pins when they’re so close they’re almost touching each other.

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