Hello Columbus, Welcome To The Land of Sexploration

29 Sep

So, the other day I came across this What a fabulous idea.

I love how the map encourages you to sit with your partner and put pins in the cities you’d like to visit and the ones you already have.  This map is, underneath it all, about my favorite thing.


Get your mind out of the gutter.

And for more information about communicating with loved ones I submit for your perusal one of my favorite people in the world, Dan Savage.  Dan is a sex and relationship advice columnist.  Emphasis on relationships.  Any kind of relationship.  Romantic, platonic, familial.  And really, when it comes to communicating with them they’re not all that far apart.

Tools like this map do the hardest part for you.  They bring it up and put the cards on the table.  Then you just need to do the job of honestly telling your partner what you want.  And hopefully if you’re in this position then that shouldn’t be too hard to do.  And if you’re really scared then you can take comfort in that whatever you want to suggest wont seem as scary as something nearby on the map.

Though I urge you to not judge any places on the map.  You’re human.  You probably like taking off your clothes with someone else (or multiple) and doing funny things.  Everyone does, so don’t judge.

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