If I Wanted To Date A Skinny Bitch, I’d Date A Skinny Bitch

23 Sep

Kate Moss

A few years ago I heard this from a friend and absolutely fell in love with it. Her boyfriend was tall, dark and classically handsome.  She…well, she felt somewhat round by comparison.  I thought she was beautiful.  One of those people who are so alive when they talk, that you can’t help but love them.  She had sort of vaguely Native American coloring and the softest looking long dark hair that I just wanted to pet all the time.

And yet she was constantly afraid that he was too good for her.  She was convinced that people seeing them out together would think he was a Chubby Chaser.  Scared that people were judging her, judging him.  It caused her so much anxiety and she became more self-conscious than ever.  One day he confronted her low self-esteem and she told him how she felt.  He took her by the shoulders, looked into her eyes and said “If I wanted to date a skinny bitch, I’d date a skinny bitch.”

I think this is just about the best thing I’ve ever heard.  All I hear in it is “I love your body.  I think it’s sexy.  That’s why I want to have sex with it, just the way it is.”  If he didn’t find it sexy, then he wouldn’t be here right now.  And yet the fact that he’s there, taking the time to have this conversation tells me that he does care, that he finds this body attractive and beautiful.

Christina Hendricks

He doesn’t want Kate Moss’s bony ass, he wants yours.  Congratulations, you’re hotter than a skinny bitch model.  I bet you didn’t know that 10 minutes ago.

P.S. If you’re naturally tiny even eating nachos three meals a day, and you’re comparing your body unfavorably to Jennifer Lopez or Christina Hendricks, just replace the word skinny with curvy.  Whatever you are is what you’re supposed to be.  Someone loves it for what it is and you owe it to both of you to leave yourself be.

3 Responses to “If I Wanted To Date A Skinny Bitch, I’d Date A Skinny Bitch”

  1. Webmonarch September 25, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    Speaking of, I just saw this “10 Celebrities Who Love Their Curves”:


  2. elenamusic January 30, 2011 at 11:42 pm #

    Yeah, I have friends that are skinnier than me, and they want to be more curvy like me, and I want to be skinny like that. Be curvy? Be skinny? Which is better? Both are good. It’s just different, and people like different things.


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