How To Be A “Good Woman”

20 Sep

You’re so beautiful!  I’m looking at you through your computer screen right now (and you thought that was just an urban legend HA) and I can tell you that I think you’re beautiful.  You have perfectly shaped lips.  And your skin tone is making me jealous.  Plus your collar bones are out of this world.  Phew!  I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest.

Elize’s #1 rule for being a “Good Woman”:

Every day you need to compliment 2 people.  The first is someone who is frowning.  Don’t lie.  Don’t tell her that she smell great when you’re choking on her perfume, but doesn’t her shirt really bring out her eyes?  Or maybe you never noticed how long her nails are getting?  She IS beautiful and if you can’t see why then you’re just not looking hard enough.

The second person is you.  Once you’ve gotten some practice finding beauty in others it’ll be easier to find beauty in you.  Start with small stuff.  This ring makes my fingers look so slender.  When I clench my fists my forearms look so sexy and strong.  Work your way up, my girl pooch balances out my bubble butt so perfectly.  Or, Hot damn I would shtoop me!

Yesterday I was getting Frozen Yogurt and the woman behind me had really great purple nail polish.  Instead of just whispering about it to my friend, I told her.  She loved it.  Remember, practice makes perfect and there’s no reason to stop at 2.  Compliment all your friends!  Anyone!

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