I Can Feel So Unsexy For Someone So Beautiful

19 Sep

Everyone feels really unsexy sometimes.

In These Shoes is just about one of my favorite songs for when I’m feeling down.

Beautiful Dammit! is another one that makes me get up and dance.  Does the this lady know how to have a good time or what?

Bette Midler is great for the upping of the self-esteem.  Whenever I listen to her I suddenly go from this:

Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles

To this:

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway from Mad Men

Life is good when you’re Joan Holloway/Christina Hendricks/This foxy lady.

When I need to feel beautiful I imagine that I’m her and it helps.  I move my hips.  I smile knowingly to myself.  I make coy eyes at the cute boy on the bike.  Joan Holloway knows she looks like a rock star.  Joan KNOWS she’s sexy, so when I pretend I’m Joan then I KNOW I’m sexy too.

Give it a try sometime.  If you could slip into another persons body for a day (or a night) who’s would it be?

One Response to “I Can Feel So Unsexy For Someone So Beautiful”

  1. Webmonarch September 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    Well, we all think you are beautiful all the time :-). I pretend I’m Christina from high school–former synchronized swimmer, current art major at UC Santa Cruz, overal curvy fashionista with a great attitude.

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