The Mummy

18 Sep

So my fabulous housemates and I are watching The Mummy at the moment.  If you haven’t seen it yet then run out and rent it.  Or call me up and we can watch it.  The movie is one of my all time favorite weekend afternoon movies.  It’s full of fine men worth fetishizing and Rachel Weisz as a totally kick-ass lady.  Rachel is kidnapped, almost killed, kissed by a dead guy, and in the end gets to go home with the tan, beautiful Brendan Fraser.

In most action movies you have an average cast of characters, you’ve got the tech geek, the macho guy, the new guy who no one trusts, and the main character that assembled the team and who’s battle we’re fighting.  If we’re lucky one of these is a girl.  In this movie Rachel plays a character who has all those roles.  She’s the only good guy who can read ancient Egyptian, she’s the one who figures out which books, keys, artifacts (the 30’s equivalent of a tech geek) are needed.  She’s also got great wardrobe, the film being set in the 20’s and all.

Now for the fun part, Brendan, oh Brendan.

Brendan Fraser

Look at that eyebrow acting.  Hello big pink lips.  And jaw bone.  Nice to see you too.

We also get treated to this lovely piece of hunky hunk.  And look, he likes animals.

Oded Fahr

Howdy there cheekbones.

Aside from all that loveliness is the relationship between Rachel and Brendan.  I think the scene where they’re racing camels to Hamunaptra is the most telling.  They race separate camels against some American counterparts and Rachel ends up passing Brendan (by being nicer to the camels than her male counterparts might I add).  Rachel is a little surprised by how good she is at it and Brendan is really proud of her.  Not to mention attracted.  I’m a big fan of this moment.  It’s an example of a relationship with mutual respect and admiration.  It’s right there in their eyes and its something I strive for.  (Well technically they’re not together at this point but they have kissed and we know they’ll get together so I’ll count it anyway)  That all being said do I need to tell you that I want to look like this

Rachel Weisz

And be held by Brendan Fraser like this


Of course I wouldn’t mind also wearing the vilainess costume.  Oh, It’s all paint by the way.

Patricia Velasquez

Those are my thoughts on the mummy.  I hope you enjoyed.  Or that I convinced you to rent it.  Or both.

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