A Female Gazing

16 Sep

I have a type, it looks like this:

DJ Qualls

Topher Grace in That 70's Show

And CMU Alum:

Matt Bomer

and need I even mention:

Joseph Gordon Levitt being hot

without dissolving into a puddle on the floor right now.  Look at all that tall skinny, boyishness.  Welcome to the wonderful world of female gaze-ing.

Joseph Gordon Levitt being similarly sexy

I guess this picture is less classic sexy and more ‘Elize finds this sexy cause she has a crazy thing for the gawky boys’.  A better example for the making of my point.  Not that I wouldn’t kick this broad-chested hottie

Joe Manganiello

(Another CMU alum by the way) out of bed.  NONETHELESS, the point is I have a type.  It’s uncommon but I’ve come to own it.  I have broken that type a few times for guys who look more like:

James P. "Sulley" Sullivan from Monsters Inc.

because they made me laugh like this:

I laugh loudly

Funny is the most important thing.  If you make me laugh like a loon then I’m too busy thinking about how good I feel around you to not find you gorgeous.

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